Wednesday, May 15, 2013

recycled art

As you know I have begun sculpting a fish out of recyclables and other things found around my home. So, you may ask: “Why a fish?” I find that I have a special love for fish because of my childhood memories of fishing by the sea. “The Fish” also symbolizes for me, the life beneath the sea which is a world that has not been completely discovered ( just like my experience with recycling and art).  Living in west Texas and being from the east coast of Canada has also given me the feeling of being “a fish out of water” of sorts. I can also see myself flopping around trying to get back into the “stream” of consciousness so I can be environmentally useful. Ultimately, the “Fish” symbolizes me going against the “west Texas flow” of culture by being more interested in riding a bike than having a big truck to drive around town in.

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